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Why Brno

Brno is the Czech Republics second largest city in Eastern Europe and if you are looking for a great weekend away where the beer is cheap and the women are said to be the prettiest in the world then a stag weekend in Brno could be just the place your looking for"

Brno is often overshadowed by its bigger brother Prague, but not to be underestimated! If you are looking to visit a Czech city without the hordes of tourists then Brno is certainly the destination for you!

If you are looking for a Stag Weekend Destination and wanting something different, unusual and totally out of the norm Brno-stag weekend will be just what you are looking for. Be ahead of the game; beat the other stag boys with this unique chance to experience the unspoilt Czech Republic. Let organise an unrivalled Brno stag do for you.

This is an invitation to see a true Czech city without the hordes of tourists. If you want to know how the Czech people really live, Brno is the place for you.

Brno is host to the country’s biggest university and so the concentration of students and resultant nightlife and pub scene qualify it as a great choice for a stag party. Festivals and a new wave of clubs are most welcoming to boys out for a party.

Although the city is famous for it's trade fairs and for it's motorcycling Grand Prix, it also makes an interesting tourist destination.

Partying aside Brno has some fantastic sights. To mention at least few recommends:

Petrov Cathedral – balancing upon a suitably dramatic hill (possibility to climb up the church tower and see the city from bird perspective)
Capuchin Crypt – features a gruesome collection of the hereafter with a selection of mummified nobles and monks
Spillberk Castle – this fortress is worth visiting for its labyrinth of dungeons
Svobody Namesti – Freedom square ( the heart of the city with magnificent plague monument and recetly added Gherkin clockwork)

Almost all restaurants double up as pubs and alcohol is available 24/7. And best news for Brno-stag weekends are the prices. The beer (0.4) is usually around 1GBP.


Are you ready to party late into the night? Of course you are! All the clubs are open till late and when we say late we mean till 4-6 a.m.!

Steak and Strip: Quite possibly a Brno-stag weekends winner!

Mud Wrestling: 2 bikini clad beauties fighting it out with the stag - remember your cameras!

Stag Night Bar Tour: 3 of Brno's best bars and pubs in one evening - with round of free beers.


Check out our exaples of cracking daytime activities, these are just to whet your appetite:

Military Hand Guns: Calling all action heroes- try three types of hanguns - Magnum, Czexh Pistol and German Luger.

Indoor Go Karting: Add some serious thrills to your Brno stag weekend.

Quad Biking Party: Hit the throttle and feel those four big chunky wheels dig into the ground.


It's you who choose; we offer variety of accomodation - ranging from hostels to 4* hotels. We are ready to suit all budgets. There's one thing all these places we offer have in common - they have been selected for their central location,high quality customer service, stag suitability and value for money.


Getting Around 

Walking around Brno you will discover that it really is a ’Little Big City’. The intimate and compact Old Town, which is home to most of the city’s cultural and historical monuments, is almost exclusively pedestrian zone. Within walking distance you will find not only the best and largest hotels and restaurants, but also the most bars and pubs.

Brno has a good public transport system, utilizing trams and buses. You purchase a tram/bus ticket from any tobacconist ("Tabak"), trams are an honor system, you MUST validate the ticket when you board the tram!

Brno's taxis are not as bad of a nightmare as those in some other cities of the region. Simply follow our advice and you will find the taxi service convenient and even cheap. Taxis that carry a sign with the name of the taxi company are generally cheaper and a safer option than those which are unmarked, with a yellow taxi light on the roof. Virtually anyone in Brno will be happy to call their favorite taxi company for you, when you ask them. Do not hesitate to ask for a taxi to be called by your hotel or restaurant staff anywhere in the city as this will save you hassle and money.

General Information

Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic with a population of around 380,000

Brno Fast Facts….

Location: Southeast of Czech Republic
Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)
Climate: Average annual temperature of +9.4°C/+48.9°F
Warmest month is July with January being the coldest
Time: GMT/UTC+1
Country Code: 420


Brno is set in the moderate climate with a continental character of weather, which is typical by noticeable difference in temperatures between summer and winter and by the changing of the four seasons. The temperature can get as low as -20°C in January and February, but by March, the weather changes to a pleasant spring, moving onto the hot summers. Being inland the summer nights can be sticky.

Changing Money

For the latest exchange rate go to

There are plenty of money exchange places, both at the airport and in the centre of town. One easy option is to use the ATM bank machines with your bank card or credit card. The exchange rate is competitive, and a fixed charge is normally applied. Because of this fixed charge, it’s worth getting your weekends worth of currency in one withdrawal, rather than being charged several times for several smaller withdrawals. If you prefer you can ask your guide and she will happily show you to the nearest exchange office which offers a very competitive rate with no commission.


The main language spoken is Czech, but in Brno nearly everybody can understand and speak English. However, if you try a few words in Czech, you’ll find the Czech people will appreciate your efforts. Try a few words below.

Yes | Ano | Ah-no
No | Ne | Neh
Hello | Ahoj | Ahoy
Good Evening | Dobrý veèer |Do-bree veh-chehr
Good-bye | Èau | Chow
Nice to meet you | Tìší mì | Tye-shee Mye
My name is… | Jmenuji se… | Ymen-oo-ye she
Thank you | Dìkuji | Dyekooyee
How much is it? | Kolik to stojí? | Koleek toh stoyee
Bill, please | Úèet, prosím | Oocheht, proseem

Nightlife on your Brno Stag Do

The nightlife in Brno is mostly concentrated in Old Town and streets nearby. Many of places that are cafés and restaurants during day time became booming party zones you stags should appreciate! The bars are usually open until 4 AM, and most top night clubs open until 6-7 AM!


Emergency line (+420) 112
Fire emergency (+420) 150
Emergency ambulance (+420) 155
Police (+420) 158
Brno Tourist Information: (+420) 542 173 581
British Embassy: (+420)257 402 111